About Us

Asia Express Certification Services (AECS), formerly known as Needbeez Communications is one of the leading regulatory consulting companies in the Asia Pacific, providing expertise in product compliance for radio, telecommunications, and information technology equipment. We offer streamlined type approval project management services across the globe. Specializing in the ITE, Telecommunications, Wireless, Medical, and Consumer Industries. AECS’s team of professionals accelerate your time to market and improves your competitive edge. The regulatory process is a major trade barrier between different global regions, with each country having its own unique requirements. With associate offices worldwide, AECS is able to stay up to date with the latest in regulatory requirements and provide an efficient and cost-effective compliance management service for our clients.

AECS is based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and has associate offices in the following countries:

The core activity of AECS is to assist our Clients as a Certification Agent/Consultant in obtaining certificates and other permissive documents required by local regulations and/or local customers. Our company’s mission is to facilitate international trade and investments and to enable our Clients to develop business with Malaysia and other Asia countries.

Providing the necessary services to deliver successful market entry

Consulting & Pre-Approval work
Global Approvals
In-country representation and Distributor sourcing
Coordination & scheduling of overseas testing
Translation services
Research consultancy on the frequency allocations worldwide
Project Management
AECS consulting, testing and certification services are grounded in product development know-how, proven worldwide regulatory experience, superior equipment, and testing processes, and world-class accreditations. And, when you work with us, you have our commitment to protect your information, safeguard your intellectual property and deliver the highest degree of quality in successful management of product compliance.

Since then, we have been constantly adapting our capabilities to our Clients’ needs and investing in our own development along with our Clients’ development.

Our key services as mentioned above are accompanied by auxiliary activities:
As a part of Advisory Services, we will discuss and offer you the best certification schedule reflecting your needs and will help you to find the solution on how to comply with Asian Countries regulations and certification needs in the most rational way.

We are regularly organizing Training Workshops regarding Asian certification where we explain international exporters which problems they might encounter trading with respective countries and procedures they should follow.