Type Approval Middle East Region List

Asia Express Certification Services helps and enables manufacturers and suppliers of telecommunication equipment to apply for dealer registration, equipment approval and custom clearance services for commercial and non-commercial uses for Middle East Region.

The different regulations and laws concerning the use of telecommunications equipment between the countries of the world makes some devices suitable for use in some countries while preventing their use in other countries. In this sense, most of the world countries start developing its own technical standards and specification which regulate the use and operate of the telecommunications equipment without causing any harm to the users or various communication networks.

Type Approval regime is a prerequisite for the approval of telecommunications equipment before being allowed to enter the United Arab Emirates as it aims to regulate the importation and sale of communications equipment in the United Arab Emirates through the dealers and suppliers accredited by the TRA and by issuing certificates of type approval of equipment conforming to specifications required by the TRA, And the approval of the devices only after ascertaining the availability of all the specification and technical requirements